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Fire Alarm

conventional fire alarms. In Conventional Fire Alarms all the intelligence is contained in the control panel. Detectors and break glass units are connected together on a single run of cable for each zone or area. When the panel detects a resistance change, through activation of a detector or call point, a zone latches into fire and the sounders or bells are triggered. We install Panels from C-Tec, Firesafe and Detectors from Apollo Addressable Fire Alarms are used for Apartment Buildings, Large Factories, Educational Intuitions and Hotels. These systems are advanced, flexible, reliable detection systems. Exact fire location is determined immediately as each individual detector has a unique address to show its exact position. False alarms are reduced, and real alarms detected sooner by advanced filtering techniques on individual detectors. Zoning is done on a software level and therefore is independent of cable paths. We Use Morley, C-Tec, Menvier, Ziton, Ampac and Global Fire Panels and Apollo, Hochiki, Menvier, Ziton and Global Fire Detectors Wireless Fire Alarms are used for areas where it is not possible to run cables or where the disruptions caused by running cables would not make it practical . these alarms are normally installed in historic building, museums and buildings were the landlords will not allow alterations to the building. We are Specialist Installers of EDA Wireless Fire Alarm We can install and service all makes of conventional, addressable and wireless fire alarm, with 17 years experience installing, servicing and commissioning fire alarm systems