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GSM Controls

GSM Controller ESIM110 automatic gate controller (remote relay over GSM) is used to open gates, lift road barriers or turn on the electronic device remotely over GSM network. Using this device you can also remotely turn on or off the security system. Made in EU TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS GSM module frequency 850/900/800/1800 MHz Supply voltage 10-24V AC/DC Maximum consumed power 3 W Dimensions 70x85x57mm Operating temperature range -20... 55°C Output type Relay (Normally Open) Number of administrators 5 Number of users 500-1000 Interface USB, WEB •Add or delete users by name •Possibility to open and close the gates at specific time •Possibility to add temporary access for users •Event log •Notification by SMS about a fault in gate or other automatics device over GSM. •Opening personal house gates •Turning ON/OFF an electronic device for a specified period, e.g., aquarium lighting, turning on pumps, Sprinklers, controlling heating in premises etc. •Configuration using PC via USB interface or remote configuration via Web interface •2 RELAYS •High IP rated enclosure •DIN rail mount enclosure